Philly Cheesesteak

Dinner last night was ez and good. Just put beef chuck or shoulder steaks in Crock-Pot and cook til tender then add to frying pan and cut into chunks. Then, fry green pepper, sliced mushrooms, and onion in pan and add to pan with meat fry up together then melt Swiss cheese slices on top….

This is a delicacy and ez too. Just catch a trout and bring it home and clean it. Place it on foil in a cookie sheet. Put butter, salt, pepper, fresh parsley, and sliced lemon in trout.Wrap up in foil and bake at 350 for a half hour.

Pecan Praline

This is sort of ez. Put 2c packed brown sugar in pot and 1c white sugar. Add 1c water and 1c good heavy cream.  Mix up and put candy thermometer on side of pan.  Heat on medium til it slowly reaches 238 soft ball. Take off a little early if you are at 5000 ft…

Potato Cheese Soup Deluxe

Potato Cheese Soup Deluxe is ez and cheesy. Peel and cube potato and boil til tender.  Drain and add 2c whole milk, sliced Velveeta almost half loaf, some cubed ham, and some little smokies. Simmer on low for 30 min.

Bagel with Lox

Bagel with Lox is ez and quick. Just toast a plain bagel, spread cream cheese, top with Lox, capers, and sliced onion.

Senate Bean Soup

Senate Bean Soup is ez and satisfying. Just put 2 cans of navy beans in a pot with a hambone and 6c water and boil and simmer covered til meat falls off. Fry chopped onion in butter til translucent. Take meat off bone. Mash beans, add ham then onions, and salt and pepper and eat.

Tuna Avocado Sandwich Deluxe

Just make a tuna egg salad with mayo and relish. Doread on bread, top with avocado and tomato and serve with salt and pepper.

Steamed Salmon

Steamed Salmon is ez. Just marinate a piece of salmon in lime juice, cayenne pepper, and a dash of tequila. Steam with an assortment of vegetables and serve.

Spanish Spaghetti

Spanish spaghetti is ez and healthy too. Brown a lb of meat in a pan then add a can of Rotel, chopped tomatoes, cannellini beans, and chopped roasted red peppers. Add salt, pepper, cayenne, and oregano. Serve over angel hair pasta.

Grilled cheese, ham, and avocado sandwich

Just butter the outside of 2 pieces of bread and place butter down in pan. Top with Swiss cheese then ham then avocado. Then more ham then the other slice of bread butter side up. Fry til brown then flip and fry til done.